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Meet the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Class of 2017 senior from Morton High School, Rylea Wykert!  She had me at hello… sigh..

2016-09-20_0001When I first Rylea at my studio for her clothing consultation, I’m pretty sure my heart did a little flip flop when I saw all of those freckles and her blue eyes! When I mentioned that she had me at “hello”.. I am not exaggerating at all!  She left my studio and I couldn’t help but be excited for her senior session.

Rylea would describe her personality as always laughing and smiling.:)  In school, she participated in the Marching Band and plays the flute.  She also loves photography, reading, skating, and all types of music, especially every pop punk band.  She would describe her “perfect day” as skating around with her best friends and taking pictures.  She would also go swimming and relax all day reading and listening to her favorite music.

Some fun facts about Rylea:

  1. Her favorite tv shows to binge watch are Greys Anatomy, OINTB, and One Tree Hill
  2. The most daring thing she has ever done is indoor skydiving
  3. Her hero is “my Papa, who passed away last year, he never gave up on anything”
  4. What advice would you give incoming freshmen, “don’t run, for real!”
  5. Something she is most proud of would have to be some of the photos she has taken
  6. A favorite childhood memory was getting to see the Blue Angels
  7. If she could eat only one meal for the rest of her life, it would be bacon cheeseburgers from Woody’s
  8. Nicknames: Ry Ry, Ry bread, rybug, buggie:)
  9. Something random and fun about me: I love hiking
  10. A favorite family trip was a trip to Seattle, her Uncle is a drag racer, so they went to see his races. It was in Seattle and she loved all of the trees

Thank you Rylea for picking Shelby Photography to capture this special time in your life!  It’s especially an honor because I know how much you love photography and you have a great eye yourself! Congratulations on making it to your senior year… hold on tight.. it’s going to go by fast!  XO ~ Cindy


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Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Nate & Melissa Adams!

Wedding Venue: St. Mary of Lourdes, Germantown Hills, IL

Wedding Reception: Stoney Creek Inn, East Peoria, IL

Flowers: Create A Scene

Chair Covers and Linens: I Do Events

DJ: Diamond Dan Productions

Cake Artist: Linda Veatch

Hair and Makeup: Salon Seven & Leiana Hilton



2016-09-11_0177 2016-09-11_0178

Melissa and her bridal party had their hair and makeup done by the talented ladies at Salon Seven in Metamora, IL

Melissa and her bridal party had their hair and makeup done by the talented ladies at Salon Seven in Metamora, IL

2016-09-11_0002 2016-09-11_0003 2016-09-11_0004 2016-09-11_0005 2016-09-11_0006 2016-09-11_0007 2016-09-11_0008 2016-09-11_0009 2016-09-11_0010 2016-09-11_0011The wedding band that Melissa and her mom are looking at was given to Melissa to wear. It  was her maternal grandmother’s wedding ring.  She passed away in 2002 and it has become a tradition for the daughters to wear the ring on their wedding days.


2016-09-11_0014 2016-09-11_0015 2016-09-11_0016 2016-09-11_0017 2016-09-11_0018 2016-09-11_0019 2016-09-11_0020

Beautiful smile, Gorgeous bride!

Beautiful smile, Gorgeous bride!

2016-09-11_0022 2016-09-11_0023 2016-09-11_0024


I’m in LOVE with the hunter green color of the bridesmaid dresses!

I love a first look between the bride and her dad. This one was so sweet

I love a first look between the bride and her dad. This one was so sweet

2016-09-11_0027 2016-09-11_0028 2016-09-11_0029 2016-09-11_0030 2016-09-11_0031 2016-09-11_0032 2016-09-11_0033 2016-09-11_0034 2016-09-11_0035 2016-09-11_0036 2016-09-11_0037 2016-09-11_0038 2016-09-11_0039 2016-09-11_0040 2016-09-11_0041 2016-09-11_0042 2016-09-11_0043 2016-09-11_0044 2016-09-11_0045 2016-09-11_0046 2016-09-11_0047 2016-09-11_0048 2016-09-11_0049 2016-09-11_0050 2016-09-11_0051 2016-09-11_0052 2016-09-11_0053 2016-09-11_0054 2016-09-11_0055 2016-09-11_0056 2016-09-11_0057 2016-09-11_0058 2016-09-11_0059 2016-09-11_0060 2016-09-11_0061 2016-09-11_0062 2016-09-11_0063 2016-09-11_0064 2016-09-11_0065 2016-09-11_0066 2016-09-11_0067 2016-09-11_0068 2016-09-11_0069 2016-09-11_0070 2016-09-11_0071 2016-09-11_0072 2016-09-11_0073 2016-09-11_0074 2016-09-11_0075 2016-09-11_0076 2016-09-11_0077 2016-09-11_0078 2016-09-11_0079 2016-09-11_0080 2016-09-11_0081 2016-09-11_0082 2016-09-11_0083 2016-09-11_0084 2016-09-11_0085 2016-09-11_0086 2016-09-11_0087 2016-09-11_0089 2016-09-11_0090 2016-09-11_0091 2016-09-11_0092 2016-09-11_0093 2016-09-11_0095 2016-09-11_0096 2016-09-11_0097 2016-09-11_0098 2016-09-11_0099 2016-09-11_0100 2016-09-11_0101 2016-09-11_0102 2016-09-11_0103 2016-09-11_0104 2016-09-11_0105 2016-09-11_0106 2016-09-11_0107 2016-09-11_0108 2016-09-11_0109 2016-09-11_0110 2016-09-11_0111 2016-09-11_0112 2016-09-11_0113 2016-09-11_0114 2016-09-11_0115 2016-09-11_0116 2016-09-11_0117 2016-09-11_0118 2016-09-11_0119 2016-09-11_0120 2016-09-11_0121 2016-09-11_0122 2016-09-11_0123 2016-09-11_0124 2016-09-11_0125 2016-09-11_0126 2016-09-11_0127 2016-09-11_0128 2016-09-11_0129 2016-09-11_0130 2016-09-11_0131 2016-09-11_0132 2016-09-11_0133 2016-09-11_0134 2016-09-11_0135 2016-09-11_0136 2016-09-11_0137 2016-09-11_0138 2016-09-11_0139 2016-09-11_0140 2016-09-11_0141 2016-09-11_0142 2016-09-11_0143 2016-09-11_0144 2016-09-11_0145 2016-09-11_0146 2016-09-11_0147 2016-09-11_0148 2016-09-11_0149 2016-09-11_0150 2016-09-11_0151 2016-09-11_0152

Chair Covers and Linens by I-Do Events & Centerpieces by Create A Scene

Chair Covers and Linens by I-Do Events & Centerpieces by Create A Scene

2016-09-11_0154 2016-09-11_0155 2016-09-11_0156 2016-09-11_0157 2016-09-11_0158 2016-09-11_0159 2016-09-11_0160 2016-09-11_0161 2016-09-11_0162 2016-09-11_0163 2016-09-11_0164 2016-09-11_0165 2016-09-11_0166 2016-09-11_0167 2016-09-11_0168 2016-09-11_0169 2016-09-11_0170 2016-09-11_0171 2016-09-11_0172 2016-09-11_0173 2016-09-11_0174 2016-09-11_0175 2016-09-11_0176er G

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I’m SO EXCITED to share this senior session with you!  Meet Kelsey Bartman, Class of 2017 Senior from Metamora Township High School! The first time I met her, she proudly told me that she was a “nerd” because she loved reading and her favorite books were the Harry Potter series… She has even read her favorite book 15 times!  I absolutely love this beautiful, sweet, adorable “nerd”:):) I could take her photograph ALL.DAY.LONG!  We had a blast!


Kelsey would describe her personality as dedicated and determined.. as well as a nerd and athletic, but also a leader. She admits that her parents my call her stubborn!  She loves playing sports and she participates in softball, tennis, and basketball. After high school, Kelsey plans on majoring in biology or pre-med at Austin Peay State or St. Louis University.  We asked her to give advice to incoming freshman and she said, “it may sound cliche but enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast.  Get involved and don’t let fear hold you back!”

One of the moments she is most proud of in her life is being chosen as one of 20 students all over the state to be a member of the IHSA Student Advisory Committee!

Here are some fun facts about Kelsey:

  1. When Kelsey was a little girl, she wanted to be a dolphin trainer.
  2. If she could have any superpower, she would want the ability to read minds because she hates having to guess what people are thinking or their motivations
  3. The tv show Revenge is her favorite show to binge watch
  4. Favorite foreign food ~ Italian
  5. The most unusual food she has ever eaten is cactus
  6. The most daring thing she has ever done was being a presenter at an IHSA leadership convention in front of a large group
  7. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Italy. “It has amazing architecture and history on top of the art and food!”
  8. Her favorite holiday is the 4th of July because she loves fireworks
  9. Three things on my bucket list are: 1. Stand half in and half out of the rain 2. Swim with dolphins 3. Travel through Europe
  10. “My hero is my dad because he is able to keep his calm in all situations and always thinks things through. He does whatever he can for the family”

Kelsey shared that family was very important to her.  A favorite family trip was one year during Spring break. Her family shared a house with some best friends and they did things as a family.. and visited Florida State to watch baseball and softball.

A favorite family holiday tradition is when “Santa’s elves leave new Christmas pajamas” while the family is at Christmas Eve mass.  “It is the first present we get to open and I remember my brother and I would race to see if the elves left the pajamas every year!”

A favorite childhood memory is a time when we were at the beach when she was very little. The day her family was supposed to leave, her dad got her up at sunrise so she could see the dolphins as the sun rose.

Frozen cherry salad is a favorite family recipe and if she was stranded on a deserted island and she could have one person with her, it would have to be her grandma:)

Kelsey.. your senior session was one of the most fun!  I love your gorgeous smile, fun loving attitude, and sweet personality. THANK YOU for letting me capture this special time in your life and making it so memorable.  You are fabulous!   ~ Cindy  XO


2016-09-01_0002 2016-09-01_0003 2016-09-01_0004 2016-09-01_0005 2016-09-01_0006 2016-09-01_0007 2016-09-01_0008 2016-09-01_0009 2016-09-01_0010 2016-09-01_0011 2016-09-01_0012 2016-09-01_0013 2016-09-01_0014 2016-09-01_0015 2016-09-01_0016 2016-09-01_0017 2016-09-01_0018 2016-09-01_0019 2016-09-01_0020 2016-09-01_0021 2016-09-01_0022 2016-09-01_0023 2016-09-01_0024 2016-09-01_0025 2016-09-01_0026 2016-09-01_0027 2016-09-01_0028 2016-09-01_0029 2016-09-01_0030 2016-09-01_0031 2016-09-01_0032 2016-09-01_0033 2016-09-01_0034

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I think I about flipped after meeting Cyler for the first time at my studio during his clothing consultation.  He is a “Matt Damon look alike”  (I think so anyway, LOL)  incredibly handsome and SUPER SWEET.  And seriously…… those!

He told me that he loves style, boats, and water!  When he tried on this suit, my heart did a little happy dance:)   So that’s what we did ~ Style, boats, water, and a whole lot of fun!

Thank you Cyler (and Jamie and Kevin) for letting us capture Cyler’s senior session.  It was definitely a favorite!

2016-08-31_0001 2016-08-31_0002 2016-08-31_0003 2016-08-31_0004 2016-08-31_0005 2016-08-31_0006 2016-08-31_0007 2016-08-31_0008 2016-08-31_0009 2016-08-31_0010 2016-08-31_0011 2016-08-31_0012 2016-08-31_0013 2016-08-31_0014 2016-08-31_0015 2016-08-31_0016 2016-08-31_0017 2016-08-31_0018 2016-08-31_0019 2016-08-31_0020 2016-08-31_0021 2016-08-31_0022 2016-08-31_0023 2016-08-31_0024 2016-08-31_0025

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