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Meet the handsome and super sweet, Sam Byrd from Washington Community High School!  This guy is a charmer and so fun to photograph!


Sam would describe his personality as social and inviting..  He attends Washington Community High School and plans on attending Iowa State after high school and  majoring in Nuclear Engineering.  In school, he is very involved in band, plays the saxophone.  He also loves shooting, basketball, hiking, traveling, and fishing.

We asked Sam to describe his perfect day, “A perfect day would have perfect weather, about 72 degrees and sunny. I would take my friends and all of our cars with the tops down to our favorite place to eat in Bloomington (after sleeping in until at least 10:00 am) After that, we would all go out to the range in Chillicothe and shoot several rounds.  At night, we would take a drive through downtown, maybe doing a little car spotting and not return home until 1:00 am”

Some fun facts about Sam:

  1. Big Bang Theory is one of his favorite tv shows to binge watch
  2. Favorite foreign type food – Sushi
  3. The most unusual thing he has ever eaten is algae wrapped King Salmon on biscuits
  4. The most daring thing he has ever done: Out-backing in the back country of Montana or being the leader of the Washington Marching Band!
  5. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to Argentina because of the mountains. He loves Spanish and the country has beautiful weather, and it’s in a very remote location on the globe
  6. The 4th of July is his favorite holiday because of the friends he gets to spend it with
  7. His favorite sp0rt to watch is hockey, but he loves to shoot more than anything (3 gun competitions)
  8. Three things on his bucket list: ~Skydive ~Summit Mount Ranier ~Get a P.H.D
  9. One of the moments he’s most proud of is making section leader of the Washington Marching Band or My Invention (and what is that exactly, Sam?  You’ll have to fill us in!? We all want to know!”
  10. His favorite family trip was to Yosemite National Park.  It inspired his love for nature and wanting to be outside all of the time.. along with his love for traveling and exploration
  11. Favorite family holiday tradition: “our traditional trip to Chetek, Wisconsin where we have a cabin. I have deemed it the most peaceful place on earth!”
  12. A favorite childhood memory: The Beaer and the Big Blue House play in Disney World, 2007
  13. Favorite family recipe: Aunt Betty’s Banana Pudding
  14. “If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be fondue”
  15. The best thing about his parents: “The freedom that they give to me, especially now that I’m driving”
  16. If Sam was stranded on a deserted island with only one other person, he would choose Rambo:)
  17. Something that most people don’t know about me is that I have shelves and shelves of intricate lego sets in my room.  I also love the outdoors but I love downtown in most cities and enjoy the view of manmade creations

I asked Sam to share some advice for incoming freshmen and he said, “High School is the only way to get into college, so do it the smart way, and don’t make it too hard on yourself!”

Why did you choose Shelby Photography for your senior pictures? Because Cindy did an amazing job with our family session of photos, so we came to her for senior photos!  ~ Sam.. I am sooooooo happy that I have been able to get to know you more!  You are charming, handsome, fun to hang out with and an all around great guy!  Congratulations on making it to your senior year & becoming section leader for the band.  I can’t wait to see you play this year.  It’s going to go by fast, so make the most of each and every moment! The best is yet to come.  – Cindy

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Meet the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Class of 2017 Senior from Washington Community High School… Cali Ogle.  This girl knows how to “bring it” when I turn on my camera. Each and every photo from her smile to that fierce look is perfection!  I adore this sweet girl!  And her mama too:)


Cali would describe herself as very positive and bubbly! She loves making people smile.  She loves singing and her favorite singers are Christina Aguilera and Carrie Underwood. “They have beautiful voices!” I love country music and well as pop.

Cali would describe her perfect day as spending time hanging out with friends, watching a movie while they get ready together, going out for dinner all dressed up! Then maybe going out to do something fun afterwards.  “If I could have any superpower, I would want to be able to stop time! There is so much to do throughout the day and sometimes there is not enough time to do it, plus that would mean unlimited naps!”

If I could travel anywhere in the world, “I would love to go to any beautiful beach! I love warm weather and relaxing. There in nothing better than being in the sun by the ocean. My second choice would be Paris. I love all of the lights and culture, it’s so beautiful!”

Three things on my bucket list would have to be: 1. Go on a road trip with my friends 2. Make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible 3. See how many times I can watch the sunset on a beach

My hero is my grandpa. He does so much for other people and he is so kind and caring. He makes a lot of people happy and he has taught me so many things!  A moment that I’m most proud of is..”I feel best when I know the people around me are happy. I love surprising my friends with little gifts here and there or if they are having a bad day! Seeing them happy makes me happy always and it’s the little things that count in life.”  A golden rule that my family holds true is: Treat others as you would want to be treated.  A favorite childhood memory of mine is playing outside with the neighborhood kids on summer nights. We would gather at my house around 6:00 every night and play basketball. When it got dark, we played ghost in the graveyard.  A favorite family trip was a visit to Disney World. We went with another family that my parents grew up with and their daughter is one of my closest friends. It was unforgettable!

“If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be Chicken Tacos from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop:) A favorite family recipe are Sugar Cookies! The most unusual thing I have every eaten is alligator and my favorite foreign type of food is Mexican”

Advice to incoming freshman: It’s not as scary as you think. High school is nothing like you see on tv. Senior’s aren’t out to get you!  Make the most of every day!

Why did you choose Shelby Photography to capture  your senior pictures? I have seen pictures from Shelby Photography since I was in 7th grade. I have always been looking forward to taking my senior pictures since I was a little girl… and all of the senior pictures that I had seen were beautiful.

Cali – Congratulations on the first week of your senior year!  Your advice is so real.. it’s going to fly by.. so make the most of every day!  I am ecstatic that you are a Shelby Senior and I love seeing your sweet smile and warm personality shine through every time I see you.  Here’s to your senior year!  The best is yet to come!


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Meet the gorgeous Sydney Drier, Class of 2017 Senior from Metamora Township High School!



Sydney has been a fun and sweet addition to our #shelbysenior Model Team. She would describe her personality as “EITP”.. extroverted, intuitive, thinker, and perceiver!  She loves having fun, loves animal and puzzles. Her hobbies include horse back riding, archery, sketching, painting, swimming, and taking photos.  After high school, she plans on attending college and pursuing something related to Real-estate.

We asked Sydney to describer her perfect day, and this is what she said, ” I would start my day off with breakfast with pancakes and then go hiking.  Then home for a movie with lunch.  Friends would come over and we would lay out in the sun or drive to go bowling or play archery tag and finish the day with a great dinner at Granite City and paint pottery and Fired Up.

The most daring thing she has ever done is fired a bow with her eyes closed! (Hopefully there was no one in the near vicinity, LOL)   If Sydney could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to all of the US National Parks. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and her favorite sport to watch is Equestrian Competitions.

Three things on her bucket list would include: 1. Visting all of the National Parks 2. Acquiring her motorcycle license, and 3. Getting her pilot’s license

Advice for incoming freshman: “Don’t worry about drama or fitting in. If you think you’re weird, be the weirdest!  And find friends you like.  Strive to do the best you can!  :)

Sydney’s family has a motto, and that is, Always be prepared.. “my purse totally reflects this!”  One of her favorite family trips was to Mexico because it was stunning, fun, and everyone was so nice. A favorite holiday tradition is her family’s Halloween party.  Favorite family recipe: Zucchini soup

“If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life, it would be fish sticks with a baked potato.”

Something interesting about herself that most people don’t know, “I run a temperature of 97 degrees!”

Congratulations Sydney on making it to your senior year!!  You have been such a joy to get to know.. I love the way you walk to the beat of your own drum.  You’re confident, quirky, cute, and so funny!  Enjoy your senior year, it will go by fast!


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  • August 17, 2016 - 10:42 am

    Katelyn Smith - You looked so pretty in your pictures, they turned out really good!!

  • August 17, 2016 - 5:37 pm

    Macy - these are stunning!!!

  • August 17, 2016 - 6:09 pm

    Emma Henning - Your senior pictures are so beautiful!! I love your red dress and I love how you included your hobbies into your pictures!

Jacob & Marissa | July 9th, 2016

Wedding Ceremony:  Hotel Marriott Pere Marquette ~ LaSalle Ballroom

Wedding Reception: Hotel Marriott Pere Marquette ~Cotillion Ballroom

DJ: Mike and Carrie

Florals: Picket Fence Floral , Chillicothe, IL

Chair Covers and Linens: I Do Events

Centerpieces: Create A Scene



2016-08-14_0019 2016-08-14_0020



2016-08-14_0023 2016-08-14_0024 2016-08-14_0025 2016-08-14_0026 2016-08-14_0027 2016-08-14_0028 2016-08-14_0029 2016-08-14_0030
2016-08-14_0032 2016-08-14_0033 2016-08-14_0034 2016-08-14_0035 2016-08-14_0036

2016-08-14_0039 2016-08-14_0040 2016-08-14_0041 2016-08-14_0042 2016-08-14_0043 2016-08-14_0044 2016-08-14_0045 2016-08-14_0046 2016-08-14_0047 2016-08-14_0048 2016-08-14_0049 2016-08-14_0050 2016-08-14_0051 2016-08-14_0052 2016-08-14_0053 2016-08-14_0054 2016-08-14_0055 2016-08-14_0056 2016-08-14_0057 2016-08-14_0058 2016-08-14_0059 2016-08-14_0060 2016-08-14_0061 2016-08-14_0062 2016-08-14_0063 2016-08-14_0064 2016-08-14_0065 2016-08-14_0066 2016-08-14_0067 2016-08-14_0068 2016-08-14_0069 2016-08-14_0070 2016-08-14_0071 2016-08-14_0072
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