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Sweet and sassy,  small but mighty.. a beauty inside and out!  Meet Tressa, Class of 2017 senior from WCHS and one of my beloved #shelbyseniors!

Tressa would describe her personality as energetic, goofy, and outgoing.  After high school, she plans on attending Paul Mitchell Hair School. When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a veterinarian or a photographer! 😄  Tressa volunteers at Connect Church with the kids program two Sundays a month. She also loves going fishing and shopping.  Advice to incoming freshman, “Do NOT care so much about what others think about you, it’s hard to understand at first, but I have learned as I’ve gotten older that all that matters is YOU. And being the best version of yourself that you can be!”

Tressa would describe her “perfect day” as a day on the beach that has a carnival.. spending it with her closest friends. Then she would do all of their hair, go shopping and then finish with a great concert!

Three things on her bucket list 1. Swim in crystal clear water on a beach in Hawaii 2. Hang out for a day with a baby hippo 3. Personally know someone famous

Something Tressa is most proud of would have to be be viewing life a little differently recently. “This past year has taught me who my real friends are and how to find happiness in focusing on myself. I’m proud of myself for this because I can see a change in me in a very positive way”

“My heroes are my parents because they have done so much for me and never give up on me or my brother. I hope that I can be as strong as them some day.  A favorite family trip was to Michigan City because Lake Michigan is gorgeous and there were so many fun things to do. We  rented golf carts, stayed in the cutest house on the lake and spent quality time with family.”   Best thing about her parents: They are both independent and smart!



Then fun things about Tressa –

  1. One Tree Hill is my favorite tv show to binge watch
  2. The most unusual thing ever eaten: Dragonfruit
  3. Most daring thing ever done: Parasailing
  4. Song she would sing on karoke night? Don’t want to miss a thing by Aerosmith
  5. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Bora Bora because it’s so beautiful and she is obsessed with beaches
  6. Favorite holiday: Halloween
  7. Favorite sport: Baseball. She LOVES the Cubs!
  8. Favorite holiday tradition:  Watching Christmas Vacation every year on Christmas Eve
  9. Favorite family recipe: Tater Tot Casserole
  10. Something interesting about herself that most people don’t know – “I am very creative and have an artistic ability to draw!”

The end of your senior year is right around the corner!!  I’m so excited for you and the next step.. going to Paul Mitchell, getting your apartment, and becoming a strong, independent woman!  Keep up the great work Tressa and don’t ever lose that beautiful smile!  ~Cindy  XO

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This past week, I was blessed to travel to Carmel, CA to attend the Walk Through A Wedding Workshop with Justin & Mary Marantz.  If you are a wedding photographer, you know who they are, but if you aren’t.. they are one of the best husband/wife photographers in the wedding industry.

Every year, I invest in my business by carefully choosing workshops that will inspire my creativity and passion for photography and help me reset as a small business owner. I chose this specific workshop because Justin and Mary are not only one the most talented (and sweetest) wedding photography industry leaders but their approach for capturing timeless, authentic moments directly reflect my values and approach to weddings. I also love their approach to using flash in a way that doesn’t look unnatural or “flashy.”

The workshop took place at Folktale Winery & Vineyards in Carmel and although it was a little colder than I was expecting, the landscape and breathtaking beauty of Northern California and this gorgeous venue did not disappoint!

Attending this workshop was a great way to kick off the new year and check a huge item off my bucket list!   Now wedding season can hurry up and get here so that I can apply on of this amazing new learning!!

A huge thank you to Justin & Mary Marantz as well as all of the participating vendors who worked hard to make the workshop run so well!!

Hair & Makeup :: MUAH makeup and hair

Wedding & Bridesmaid Dress Boutique :: Epiphany Bridal Boutique

Florist :: Willow & Plum Event Floral and Decor

Dessert Bar :: Room For Dessert

Wedding Dress Designer Day 1 :: Hayley Paige

Wedding Dress Designer Day 2 :: Watters

Bride Day 1 :: IG @followjess
Groom Day 1 :: IG @renevelarde
Bridesmaids :: IG @rachelzeephoto & @pourgirl

Bride Day 2 :: IG @jessicadilullo
Groom Day 2 :: IG @emmo363

Behind the Scenes :: Laura & Rachel

love never fails….

give what you cannot keep

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Happy New Year from Shelby Photography!

It’s been an incredible year filled and I would like to take an opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!  Thank you for being supportive, encouraging, and placing your trust in me to capture some important moments in your lives.  I treasure your loyalty, kindness, and trust and I have already decided that 2017 is going to be ridiculously awesome!  I love this quote ~ This is the year I will be Stronger, Braveer, Kinder, and Unstoppable. This year I will be FIERCE!

Our Shelby Seniors ended 2016 with a New Years Eve inspired shoot at the studio complete with black and gold balloons, and some fun party favors including hats, tiaras, confetti, 2017 signs, and blowhorns!   The girls looked absolutely stunning in their dresses and blingy jewelry!   (Thank you Tierney, most awesome makeup artist eva!!)

Check out this video highlighting our Class of 2017 Shelby Seniors! It’s been an unbelievably fun year!  Click here

Shelby Photography is getting ready to begin our Class of 2018 model program and we are SOOOO excited! If you are a current or past Shelby Senior, teacher, mentor, employer, business leader, or member of the community that knows a Class of 2018 Senior that would be a great Shelby Senior, we would love your personal recommendation! After we have received your recommendation, we will personally extend an official invitation for each senior and a parent to join us at our Shelby Photography model informational meeting that will be held in February. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE EASY RECOMMENDATION FORM Please completely fill out the following information so that we can contact each Class of 2018 senior and their parent(s)

Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year 2017 Happy New Year 2017 Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year 2017 Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Happy New Year Inspired Shoot

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Helloooooo handsome!!!   Meet Max Volk, Class of 2017 Senior from Washington Community High School, the last high school senior of the year captured by Shelby Photography.  Max might tell you that I saved “the best for last!”  I may or may not agree  ☺️☺️  I had THE BEST time capturing his senior pictures on a hazy, snowy day!

I knew the minute I read his Senior Session Style Survey that I would like him.. he’s got FANTASTIC taste in music, more about that below! 👇👇👇👇

Three things on my bucket list: 1. Graduate from college  2. Become really rich  3. Be happy with my life and career

Max would describe his personality as funny, smart, sarcastic, and creative.  He loves music and likes to an interesting and different selection of music than most people his age.   Favorite bands include Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Eric Clapton, and Tupac.

After high school, he plans on attending the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee to major in Architecture. When he as a little kid, he wanted to be an artist. Max is very involved in robotics and also loves video games and art.  As far as sports.. he loves to watch football and basketball, but prefers to play soccer.  Advice to incoming freshman? “If you are afraid, don’t be. It’s not scary at all. In fact, alot of people end up liking it way more than middle or grade school.”  Max admits he is motivated by success. In fact, he is pretty proud of getting a good score on his ACT and getting accepted into the college he wanted to go.  I had to chuckle at his description of a “perfect day”… “A perfect day would be a normal day at school when nothing goes wrong and no homework is assigned. After school, I would simply hang out with friends”

“My hero would be Neil De Grasse Tyson because he is just awesome and he represents searching for the truth and using reason.”   In case you wanted to know…. Wikipedia – Neil deGrasse Tyson ; born October 5, 1958) is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator. Since 1996, he has been the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York City. The center is part of the American Museum of Natural History, where Tyson founded the Department of Astrophysics in 1997 and has been a research associate in the department since 2003.

Best thing about his parents: “They both have their own ways of being motivational and they are very supportive of whatever my sisters and I decide to do.” Who makes me laugh the most? My sisters!

Ten fun facts about Max:

  1. The Walking Dead is one of his favorite tv shows
  2. Most daring thing ever done: Ridden the world’s second tallest rollercoaster
  3. Favorite type of foreign food: Sushi
  4. Most unusual thing ever eaten: A banana flavored scorpion sucker
  5. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to Ireland because it’s foreign, yet they speak English and there is a ton of natural beauty there
  6. Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
  7. Favorite family trip was to South Carolina. “Everyone was really laid back and he got to experience alot of cool things like zip lining and amazing food!”
  8. Favorite holiday tradition: “At Christmas, we all go bowling and then have a white elephant gift exchange, which can be entertaining at times” 😁
  9. Favorite family recipe: My uncle’s sweet potatoes
  10. If he could eat only one thing for the rest of his life: probably some kind of sandwich


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Meet Katie Matheny, Class of 2017 senior from Galesburg High School.  Ummmm…. obsessed with her hair and those eyes!!!  Hello G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!

Katie would describe her personality as sarcastic!  “I’m pretty upbeat and I love to make other people laugh. I’m witty and love to take chances!”

After high school, Katie plans on attending SIU Edwardsville to major in Nurse Anesthesia.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a veterinarian.  In school, she plays softball and she loves to sing, laugh, go shopping, and watch the St. Louis Cardinals.  Advice to incoming freshman? “Get involved! The more clubs/sports you are in, the better! It not only helps  you be social and make great, life-long friends, but it looks really good on your college application.”  A moment she is most proud of is a time when she was a junior. She went to Miami on a mission trip with her previous school. They went and helped little children who had absolutely nothing! “I’m so proud to be able to say I was part of such a great school that helps in such amazing ways!”

I asked Katie to describe her “perfect day” and this is what she said: “I would wake up and eat a great breakfast with all my favorite foods.. bacon, eggs, toast, and grape juice! Then I would go hang out with my friend Maggie all day!”

Three things on her bucket list: 1. Go to every MLB stadium 2. Meet Justin Bieber 3. Float in the Dead Sea

My hero is “my dad.. He has such an inspiring story behind his life and I really hope my life is a great as his. He’s an amazing person and he’s always joking around and making sure is family is happy and healthy.”  The best thing about my parents: “They always make sure I’m laughing! They are both so funny and I love being around them, especially after a bad day”  I love her family’s motto: It’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day!

Then fun facts about Katie:

  1. Favorite childhood memory: Going to Disney World every year
  2. Favorite family trip: I loved going to Disneyland in California because the parks were so much fun and I got to go to the beaches in southern California. It was so much fun (minus the sunburns!)
  3. Favorite sport to watch is baseball!  GO CARDS!  I love playing softball!
  4. The most daring thing ever done: I snuck to the front row of a Justin Bieber concert!
  5. Most unusual thing ever eaten: Squid and Octopus
  6. Nickname: Katie Jo
  7. Something random about yourself: I love having my hair played with!
  8. Favorite tv show to binge watch: Greys Anatomy
  9. If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Dubai. The building structures and ocean are so beautiful! The city itself is so futuristic and I’m absolutely in love with it!
  10. If I was stranded on a deserted island with only one person, I would choose Justin Bieber!





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