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Meet the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Makayla Mamer, Class of 2017 senior from Washington Community High School!

I’m so excited to share her senior portrait session with you all; we had the BEST time, it was sooo  much fun 🙂

2016-10-19_0001Makayla would describe herself as girly, creative, and outgoing!  After high school, she plans on attending Cosmetology school and her goal is to have her own salon one day.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a hair dresser or photographer.  In school, she participates in the Colorguard.  One of her proudest moments is when her team got first in their category at a competition at the U of I.  Advice to incoming freshman” “Don’t be afraid to talk to and meet new people!”

Makayla would describe her perfect day as shopping and lunch with friends at Panera.  The most daring thing she has ever done is the Bungee drop at Six Flags.  If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Fiji because it’s so pretty and she loves the ocean.

“My hero is my grandma, she’s always been there for me and she teaches me something new every time I’m with her.”  A favorite childhood memory is going to her great grandparents farm and playing with all of the animals. A trip to Disney World is one of her favorite family trips and she got to go with all of her cousins.

Ten Fun Facts about Makayla:

  1. Favorite holiday – Christmas
  2. Favorite holiday tradition – Opening presents 1 by 1 to see what everybody got on Christmas
  3. Spinach dip is a favorite family recipe
  4. If she could eat only one thing for the rest of her life, it would be Crispy Chicken Wraps
  5. Something interesting about herself that most people don’t know, “I have hair extensions!”
  6. Favorite singer – Justin Bieber
  7. Most unusual thing ever eaten – sushi
  8. Favorite tv show to binge watch – Full House
  9. If I could have any superpower, “I would want to read minds”
  10. Best thing about my dad – “he is very hardworking and teaches me alot of new things”

Makayla – didn’t we have the BEST time during your senior pictures!?  I can totally understand why your grandma is your hero!  She was so sweet and beautiful and your wonderful relationship was so evident in the short time we hung out together. You are one lucky girl!  I love your style, I love your smile, and I wish you the very, very best as you complete your senior year and move onto your next goal to go into Cosmetology school. You obviously have a “knack” for hair and makeup and I know  you will be so successful!   Love ~ Cindy

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Meet Savannah Bushman, Class of 2017 senior from Washington Community High School!  She’s as pretty as her name!

2016-10-12_0001Savannah would describe her personality as someone who is always cracking jokes to try to get others to smile and laugh. She is an outgoing person who likes to meet new people and make new friends.  She has a positive attitude which can help other alot of the time!

Personally, this photographer can attest to that! She is one of the most polite girls I have met.. great manners and very positive! On several of our themed shoots, she has come up with the best ideas!

In school, Savannah participates in Soccer, Cheer, and Pantherettes.  (She is an AWESOME dancer, holy schmoley, pictures below!)  After high school, Savannah will attend college to pursue a career in orthodontics.

Savannah would describe her perfect day as getting all dolled up with her girlfriends and feeling confident. She loves nature and playing games outside with a bunch of people would be so fun!

If she could have any superpower, she would choose to read minds. “How cool would it be to know what people are thinking all of the time!?”

One of the most daring things Savannah has ever done happened on vacation at Myrtle Beach. She saw a shark in the shallow water and grabbed her cousin and warned everyone to get out of the water! Yikes!

“If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Costa Rica because it’s beautiful and tropical and I love the warm water and being able to lay out in the sun!”

A moment she is most proud of is being a member of her pantherette team and making others feel better when they are down.  She loves making others feel loved and making them feel better. One time someone was feeling very depressed about how they performed a routine and encouraged them that it didn’t matter how they performed, it’s about how the routine made them feel inside and if that feeling is good, that’s all that matters. She is a straight A student who knows the importance of staying away from bad influences!

If Savannah picked a hero, she would choose her grandmother. She is always there for her and would do anything to make her happy.  She loves Savannah unconditionally and is the most caring person she has ever met.

Three things on my bucket list: 1. Buy my own house so I don’t have to rely on anyone 2. Be a mom who is involved in my children’s life and let them know that I love them and I’m always there for them 3. Travel the world and get out of the boring US

We asked Savannah to share something interesting about herself, “I drink dill pickle juice… I like it alot, is that weird?” LOL

Ten Fun Facts about Savannah:

  1. Favorite singers: BEYONCE, Shakira, and Fetty Wap
  2. Favorite holiday: Christmas
  3. Most unusual thing ever eaten: Kalamari sticks, “yuck”
  4. What would I sing on karoke night? My House
  5. Favorite Sport to Wach and play: “I love watching basketball because it’s so fast paced, however I definitely can’t play!  I love dancing because I can express my emotions through movements and it always puts me in a better mood”
  6. A favorite family trip was to Marco Island because it’s a beautiful place and she goes there with most of her family and it’s always a good time
  7. Favorite childhood memory: Going to Grandma Marilyn’s and eating bacon, eggs, and toast and dancing with her
  8. Famous family recipe: Nutter Butter Lasagna
  9. If she could eat only one meal for the rest of her life, it would be Red Robin, Chicken Ensanada
  10. Who makes you laugh the most? Hope Greim, because we literally think the same way and say thing simultaneously.

Savannah – You charmed the daylights out of my camera!!  You are such a natural… and then we add your sweet personality and warm heart and I can’t get enough. You’re so fun!!  XO ~ Cindy

2016-10-12_0002 2016-10-12_0003 2016-10-12_0004 2016-10-12_0005 2016-10-12_0006 2016-10-12_0007 2016-10-12_0008 2016-10-12_0009 2016-10-12_0010 2016-10-12_0011 2016-10-12_0012 2016-10-12_0013 2016-10-12_0014 2016-10-12_0015 2016-10-12_0016 2016-10-12_0017 2016-10-12_0018 2016-10-12_0019 2016-10-12_0020 2016-10-12_0021 2016-10-12_0022 2016-10-12_0023 2016-10-12_0024 2016-10-12_0025 2016-10-12_0026 2016-10-12_0027 2016-10-12_0028 2016-10-12_0029 2016-10-12_0030 2016-10-12_0031 2016-10-12_0032 2016-10-12_0033 2016-10-12_0034 2016-10-12_0035 2016-10-12_0036 2016-10-12_0037 2016-10-12_0038 2016-10-12_0039 2016-10-12_0040 2016-10-12_0041 2016-10-12_0042 2016-10-12_0043 2016-10-12_0044 2016-10-12_0045 2016-10-12_0046 2016-10-12_0047 2016-10-12_0048 2016-10-12_0049 2016-10-12_0050

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Meet Olga Phelps, Class of 2017 Senior from Washington Community High School.  If you know her, you know that she is one of the sweetest and cutest people you will ever meet.  She brings a little sparkle to everyone she meets!


Olga would describe herself as fun and quirky. She loves to joke around and has a bubbly personality! Some of my nicknames include Olgie, Oogla, and Smiley

After high school, she plans on attending college and studying pre-law.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be a singer/actress.   Olga is actively involved in school.  She participates in WCHS Cheer, soccer, Washington Leadership Community Service Club, International Club, Drama Club, and Speech Team!   Advice to incoming freshman: Get involved in extracurricular activities. Be kind and respectful to teacher and be especially kind to the lunch ladies and janitors because they keep the school running!   A moment in her life that she is most proud of is at the beginning of her sophmore year when she decided to try out for soccer. Despite not playing since she was little, she was determined to excel at soccer and became an asset to the team. By the end of the season, she was picked to start for the games. “I knew that my effort and perseverance paid off!”

Three things on my bucket list:

  1. Skydiving
  2. Go backpacking in Europe
  3. Join the Peace Corps so that I can help people less fortunate than me

Family ~ Our family motto “Never give up, Never Surrender!”

Favorite family trip: My family travels alot so narrowing it down to one trip is hard. One of my favorite places we went was Utah because I got to go whitewater rafting. I also loved Hocking Hills in Ohio because we spent alot of time doing fun activities outdoors.

Favorite holiday tradition: My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve. My dad makes his home made, deep dish pizza. We pick out movies to watch together and spend time together

Favorite childhood memory: My mom would always take my brother and I to the RiverPlex. She would make sure we had a bag full of yummy snacks and we would spend the whole day swimming and having fun!

The best thing about my parents: How encouraging they are and they take my mistakes and choices in great stride. I love how they let me make my own choices but they are also there to guide me when I need them. They are a great support group and I love them unconditionally.

Something interesting about myself that most people don’t know: I LOVE to clean. My mom would disagree with me but when I’m motivated, I clean the whole house

Favorite family recipe: My mom’s baked potato pizza and a Saltine Cracker dessert

Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island: Weirdly, probably a stranger so that I could get to know them, and we could struggle with surviving on the island together  (This question was answered in the Spring, and I have a feeling that Olga would now change her answer to Nick!)

Then fun facts about Olga:

  1. Favorite type of foreign food – Thai or Mexican
  2. Favorite tv shows to binge watch – I Zombie, American Horror Story, and Fuller House
  3. Most unusual thing I have ever eaten – Tofu and Frog legs
  4. My perfect day would be waking up early because I like to be productive. I would definitely need a cup of coffee and drink it on my front porch. If the weather was nice, I would go for a run.  I would spend tiem shopping with my friends, go for lunch to my favorite restaurant, Tequilas. After we would go back to my house and bake cupcakes and watch movies. The more coffee the better!
  5. In my free time, I like to bake, fun, spend time outdoors, and enjoy community theater
  6. At Karaoke night, I would sing “22” by Taylor Swift
  7. The most daring thing I have ever done – waterski
  8. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Italy and Paris. I want to experience the food and the culture
  9. I am motivated by the unknown future. Knowing that the decision that I make now will affect my future. That keeps me focused and driven to stay on the right path
  10.  My hero is my brother, Alex.  He is my hero because despite our start in life (with us being adopted) he always remains positive. He continues to amaze my family and me with how much he excels in school. His drive to succeed in life amazes me!

Dear Olga ~ Words can’t explain how much I admire you but I will try.  Thinking about you and your personality makes my heart warm and fuzzy, LOL.  I love your zest for life, your love for others, and your sweet and authentic personality.  Making others feel good about themselves is apparent in every conversation I have with you. I am so excited for what the future holds for you!  It’s going to be amazing!  XO ~ Cindy

2016-10-04_0002 2016-10-04_0003 2016-10-04_0004 2016-10-04_0005 2016-10-04_0006 2016-10-04_0007 2016-10-04_0008 2016-10-04_0009 2016-10-04_0010 2016-10-04_0011 2016-10-04_0012 2016-10-04_0013 2016-10-04_0014 2016-10-04_0015 2016-10-04_0016 2016-10-04_0017 2016-10-04_0018 2016-10-04_0019 2016-10-04_0020 2016-10-04_0021 2016-10-04_0022

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Meet the sweet and beautiful, Hope Greim from Washington Community High School!  We had the best time photographing her senior session!


Hope would describe her personality as shy at first but once you get to know her, she is very outgoing. Her friends would say that she smiles and laughs alot!   After high school, she plans on attending college to major in History.  She participates in Washington Leadership and Community Service Club, Pep Club, and Dance. Advice she would give to incoming freshman would be to “get involved”

Hope would describe her perfect day like this, “I would get up and go to breakfast with my family. Afterwards, we would go swimming and hang out by the pool.  Later in the afternoon, I would go shopping with my friends and have a sleepover and watch movies.”

Three things on my bucket list: 1. Go to Egypt (I want to see the pyramids) 2. Go to Hawaii 3. Go to Paris

Family – “Something that most people don’t know about me is that I used to be homeschooled”  A favorite childhood memory is when she and her sister were putting on shows for her parents and grandparents.  A favorite family trip was to Williamsburg, Virginia because she was able to learn alot about the Revolutionary War and spend time together as a family.  Reading the story, T’was the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve is one of her favorite holiday traditions. Favorite family recipe: Pineapple Barbecue Chicken.  The best thing about my parents is “they are supportive and always to come to my performances and competitions”

Some fun facts about Hope:

  1. If she could eat only one meal for the rest of her life, it would be pizza!
  2. Nickname: Hopie   (Photographer calls her Hopester!)
  3. Favorite singers: Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, and Rihanna
  4. My hero is my dad because he is so kind to everyone and so smart
  5. A moment she is most proud of is making food baskets for people during Christmas
  6. The person that makes her laugh the most is her sister, Sydney
  7. What would you sing on Karoke night? Your Song by Ellie Goulding
  8. Favorite tv show to binge watch, Supernatural
  9. The most daring thing I’ve done: Parasailing
  10. Favorite sport to watch and/or play: Football

Hopester, I am “hope”lessly in love with your icy blue eyes and your smile is absolutely gorgeous.  You are so sweet and softspoken and it’s so cool to watch you transform when you dance.  Your talent, love and passion for dancing is ridiculously fun to watch and I can’t thank you enough for letting us capture this special time in your life!  Enjoy the rest of your senior year!!  ~ Cindy XOXO

2016-09-29_0045 2016-09-29_0046 2016-09-29_0047 2016-09-29_0048 2016-09-29_0049 2016-09-29_0050 2016-09-29_0051 2016-09-29_0052 2016-09-29_0053 2016-09-29_0054 2016-09-29_0055 2016-09-29_0056 2016-09-29_0057 2016-09-29_0058 2016-09-29_0059 2016-09-29_0060 2016-09-29_0061 2016-09-29_0062 2016-09-29_0063 2016-09-29_0064 2016-09-29_0065 2016-09-29_0066 2016-09-29_0067 2016-09-29_0068 2016-09-29_0069 2016-09-29_0070 2016-09-29_0071 2016-09-29_0072 2016-09-29_0073 2016-09-29_0074 2016-09-29_0075 2016-09-29_0076

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Meet the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Class of 2017 senior from Morton High School, Rylea Wykert!  She had me at hello… sigh..

2016-09-20_0001When I first Rylea at my studio for her clothing consultation, I’m pretty sure my heart did a little flip flop when I saw all of those freckles and her blue eyes! When I mentioned that she had me at “hello”.. I am not exaggerating at all!  She left my studio and I couldn’t help but be excited for her senior session.

Rylea would describe her personality as always laughing and smiling. 🙂  In school, she participated in the Marching Band and plays the flute.  She also loves photography, reading, skating, and all types of music, especially every pop punk band.  She would describe her “perfect day” as skating around with her best friends and taking pictures.  She would also go swimming and relax all day reading and listening to her favorite music.

Some fun facts about Rylea:

  1. Her favorite tv shows to binge watch are Greys Anatomy, OINTB, and One Tree Hill
  2. The most daring thing she has ever done is indoor skydiving
  3. Her hero is “my Papa, who passed away last year, he never gave up on anything”
  4. What advice would you give incoming freshmen, “don’t run, for real!”
  5. Something she is most proud of would have to be some of the photos she has taken
  6. A favorite childhood memory was getting to see the Blue Angels
  7. If she could eat only one meal for the rest of her life, it would be bacon cheeseburgers from Woody’s
  8. Nicknames: Ry Ry, Ry bread, rybug, buggie 🙂
  9. Something random and fun about me: I love hiking
  10. A favorite family trip was a trip to Seattle, her Uncle is a drag racer, so they went to see his races. It was in Seattle and she loved all of the trees

Thank you Rylea for picking Shelby Photography to capture this special time in your life!  It’s especially an honor because I know how much you love photography and you have a great eye yourself! Congratulations on making it to your senior year… hold on tight.. it’s going to go by fast!  XO ~ Cindy


2016-09-20_0002 2016-09-20_0003 2016-09-20_0004 2016-09-20_0005 2016-09-20_0006 2016-09-20_0007 2016-09-20_0008 2016-09-20_0009 2016-09-20_0010 2016-09-20_0011 2016-09-20_0012 2016-09-20_0013 2016-09-20_0014 2016-09-20_0015 2016-09-20_0016 2016-09-20_0017 2016-09-20_0018 2016-09-20_0019 2016-09-20_0020 2016-09-20_0021 2016-09-20_0022 2016-09-20_0023 2016-09-20_0024 2016-09-20_0025 2016-09-20_0026 2016-09-20_0027 2016-09-20_0028 2016-09-20_0029

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