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Meet my handsome nephew, Joshua McCallen, Class of 2017 Senior from Wake Christian Academy!  It’s so hard to believe he’s a senior this year.. nevertheless, I am one proud auntie and very, very happy to capture this special time in his life!

2016-12-05_0035After high school, Josh plans on attending Liberty University to study Criminology. When he was a little boy, he wanted to be a cowboy 🙂   He loves playing basketball, hanging out with friends, playing video games and going out for dinner to Chipolte!  I love the Chicken bowl, LOL

Josh was born in Geneva Switzerland and if he could travel anywhere in the world, he would choose to go back there because he doesn’t remember much about it and he would like to explore the city where he was born.

Josh shares that his family is very important to him: “My hero is my brother, Justin, because he’s helped me so much throughout school and he’s always been there for emotional support and I know that I can talk to him about anything.  My mom always pushes me to do my best and my dad always reminds me that he loves me unconditionally.”   A favorite family trip was a recent trip to Europe… “I fell in love with the culture; the food, art, and people were so unique.”

Advice to incoming freshman: “Take your grades seriously from the beginning of high school, keep your GP A so you don’t have to work as hard when your senior year comes around”

A moment he is most proud of is serving at a homeless shelter.  “It was an unforgettable experience”

Ten fun facts about Joshua:

  1. The most unusual thing ever eaten: Chocolate covered bug
  2. Most daring thing ever done: Ziplining
  3. Favorite holiday tradition: Taking a family photo with Santa hats on with my brothers
  4. Favorite family recipe: Chicken Stir Fry
  5. Who would  you want to be stranded with on a deserted island? Jennifer Lawerence
  6. Do you have any nicknames?  J, or J-Mac
  7. Something random and fun about my self – “I love to dance!”
  8. Three things on my bucket list are Cliff diving, Sky diving, and go to a Chicago Bulls game
  9. If I would sing any song during Karaoke night, I would sing Closer by Chainsmokers.  Favorite bands: Twenty One Pilots, J. Cole, Drake, and The Weeknd
  10. Who’s your favorite auntie?  Aunt Cindy of course!  (jk, photographer put that one in there, LOL

Joshua, I had SOOOO much fun photographing your senior pictures at Ocean Isle Beach and downtown Raleigh!  You are handsome, warm, and super sweet, you give the BEST hugs and I’m so very proud of you!

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Hello handsome!  Meet Cameron Behm, Class of 2017 Senior from Washington Community High School!  I’m incredibly excited for this young man’s future. He is outgoing, easy-going, very sweet, incredibly handsome, and extremely talented.  And can we talk about the hair… swooooon!

2016-11-29_0028After high school, Cameron plans on attending college to pursue a career in the healthcare field, most likely a Physical Therapist! Where he is going to college is not yet determined but he is a talented soccer player and 10 different universities want him!  I can’t wait to find out where he will attend 🙂  He just received a great honor, being named the PJ Star Player of the year and one of his proudest moments is when he received the 1st Team All-Midwest Award!!   Cameron loves all sports but especially soccer and snowboarding. The craziest thing he has ever done was jump off the highest jump while snowboarding. He says it was daring but not pretty, luckily he didn’t break anything!  Bucket list: Go to Europe and watch a professional soccer team play!  Advice to incoming freshman: Be respectful to everyone and everything!

When he was a little boy, he wanted to be Batman.  His mom shared that when he was three, he would go to the grocery store with his mask and pretend he was Batman and stare everyone down. He wouldn’t leave the house unless he was dressed as a superhero  (soooooo cute!!!)

Family mottos: Behm Team and Family First!

A few fun facts about Cameron:

  1. The most unusual thing ever eaten: Kibba
  2. Favorite thing to bing watch on tv: any scary movie
  3. The person who makes him laugh the most and would choose to be stranded with on a deserted island – Sam Lee
  4. Favorite childhood memory: Playing catch with his dad on summer nights. And playing football in the living room before the Bears would play
  5. Favorite family trip: Alabama because everyone was always happy and had fun
  6. Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
  7. If he could eat only one meal for the rest of his life, he would choose Round Steak with mashed potatoes
  8. Favorite holiday tradition: Writing on the wish plate for Christmas
  9. My heroes are my parents because they are so supportive in all aspects of my life
  10. What would you sing on Karaoke night? Picture/Kid Rock
  11. Best thing about my parents: Their supportive drive and their unconditional love. They would do anything so I can succeed in life

Cameron…your senior portrait session was a favorite, hands down!  It was so fun incorporating your love for soccer and Batman and of course, Lucy!!  Best of luck with the next journey ahead and don’t forget the little people when you are a famous soccer player someday!  We will be cheering you on every step of the way!          XO – Cindy

2016-11-29_0029 2016-11-29_0030 2016-11-29_0031 2016-11-29_0032 2016-11-29_0033 2016-11-29_0034 2016-11-29_0035 2016-11-29_0036 2016-11-29_0037 2016-11-29_0038 2016-11-29_0039 2016-11-29_0040 2016-11-29_0041 2016-11-29_0042 2016-11-29_0043 2016-11-29_0044 2016-11-29_0045 2016-11-29_0046 2016-11-29_0047 2016-11-29_0048 2016-11-29_0049 2016-11-29_0050 2016-11-29_0051 2016-11-29_0052 2016-11-29_0053 2016-11-29_0054 2016-11-29_0055 2016-11-29_0056

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Meet the lovely Class of 2017 Senior from Tremont High School.  I’m mildly obsessed with her big brown eyes, amazing smile, and super sweet personality!!  She has great style and seriously.. her hair! WOW.  Let’s just say I am one of Kylie’s biggest fans!

2016-11-29_0027Kylie would describe her personality as shy at first, but as she gets to know someone, she’s very outgoing and fun-loving!   She is a cheerleader and loves tumbling as well as shopping, hanging out with her friends, and playing on her phone.  After she graduates, she plans on attending college and majoring in Physical Therapy.  She has great advice for incoming freshman: “Don’t care what anyone else thinks, get involved in school activities, have good school spirit, and try not to get involved in any drama”  One of her proudest moments would be making the Tremont Cheer Squad her freshman year. She was really scared to try out because she had just moved to the community and tryouts were very challenging. She pushed through and made the team and has made so many great friends and made memories by being on the team.

Kylie would describe her “perfect day” as going on a shopping spree and buying all of the makeup and clothes that she could! After that, she would lay on the beach with all of her friends for the rest of the day.

Three things on her bucket list: 1. Travel out of the country 2. Jump off of a waterfall 3. Go scuba diving

My  heroes are “my parents because they have worked very hard to provide a great life for me and my brothers. They work to give us everything we need and more. I hope I can be as good of a parent to my children as they are to me. My parents are both absolutely hilarious and they are the most supportive people in my life”

Ten fun facts about Kylie:

  1. Favorite family trip: My family goes to Minocqua, Wisconsin every summer. We spend a week on the lake with my dad’s sie of the family and it’s so much fun
  2. Family motto: “Kill them with kindness” we always say this to each other when we’re struggling with a mean person
  3. Favorite holiday tradition: Opening presents together with her parents and brothers every Christmas morning
  4. Favorite childhood memory: Going outside to play in the morning with all of the neighborhood kids and not coming in until dark because we were having so much fun
  5. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be steak with garlic mashed potatoes and salad or mac & cheese
  6. Favorite family recipe: Chicken tacos
  7. Who makes you laugh the most: My boyfriend, Kaleb
  8. Something random about myself: I have a twin brother named Chase
  9. Most daring thing ever done: Free fall from 200 ft on the Skycoaster
  10. Favorite tv show binge watch: Grey’s Anatomy

Kylie – your senior session was SOOOOO fun! It was great getting to know you and hang out with you and your sweet mama.  If you were nervous when it started raining, you didn’t show it and you still continued to rock your session.  “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence” That’s you baby girl.. confidence and beautiful, inside and out!  XO – Cindy

2016-11-29_0002 2016-11-29_0003 2016-11-29_0004 2016-11-29_0005 2016-11-29_0006 2016-11-29_0007 2016-11-29_0008 2016-11-29_0009 2016-11-29_0010 2016-11-29_0011 2016-11-29_0012 2016-11-29_0013 2016-11-29_0014 2016-11-29_0015 2016-11-29_0016 2016-11-29_0017 2016-11-29_0018 2016-11-29_0019 2016-11-29_0020 2016-11-29_0021 2016-11-29_0022 2016-11-29_0023 2016-11-29_0024 2016-11-29_0025 2016-11-29_0026



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When I think of this young lady, I just have to smile 🙂   Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she is incredibly hard-working, ambitious, fun-loving, free-spirited, outgoing, easygoing and kind hearted.  She loves her friends and family deeply, and isn’t afraid to profess her faith in God and holds her values close to her heart.   Meet Macy Sophanavong, Class of 2017 senior from Washington Community High School! #loveher


Macy is super active in school and plays soccer and tennis.  In fact, she just signed to play soccer at Illinois Central College, congrats Macy!  She is involved in Young Life, WyldLife, and Key Club. Macy is the Vice President of her Senior Class.  She loves to shop, loves to sing and write poems (but I haven’t let anyone read them because I’m too embarrassed!)  She admits that she is motivated by Success. “I want to be successful and put my whole heart into everything I do!” Advice to incoming freshman: Don’t let fear keep you from pursuing something you’re passionate about. Be proud of yourself and walk with confidence despite the dirty looks you might get throughout the day. Don’t succumb to conformity; do what makes you feel like the best version of you!

A moment that Macy is most proud of is a time when she and her friends came across a homeless and desperate man when they were walking out of an ice skating rink.  “Its kind of a long story but basically we gave him money except my friend, Alex Phelps gave him a Taco Bell gift card. He asked us if we believed in God and upon hearing that we did, he started to weep and asked us to pray with him. There we were, on the middle of the sidewalk in downtown Peoria, hands on each other’s shoulders, lifting up a soul that hit rock bottom..  Yes, this was my proudest moment for sure!”

We asked Macy if she had a hero.. “My dad. He’s the epitome of hard working. He had little to nothing growing up and works so hard to give my family what he never had”

Describe your “Perfect day” – “The beach is my happy place. I would wake up in my beach house, have some quiet time to read and write, and then spend time with my family and friends on the beach. We would swim, eat, laugh, and sing all throughout the day. We would finish the day with a bonfire on the beach!

Tell us something interesting about yourself that most people don’t know: “I collect CD’s and I’m absolutely terrible at telling stories!”

Top of  Macy’s bucket list: Live on the beach (I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to what my beach house would look like!”

Some fun facts about Macy:

  1. If she cold have any superpower, she would choose the ability to teleport. She would travel all over the world without ever having to pay for gas or airfare
  2. The High School Musical Movies are her favorite thing to binge watch on tv
  3. Egg rolls are her favorite type of foreign food. “I have an Asian dad, so we make/eat them all of the time!”
  4. Craziest thing ever eaten: “I’m really plain Jane so nothing too crazy!”
  5. Most daring thing ever done: Swam with dolphins
  6. Favorite family trip: When we drove 15 hours straight in the car together to Florida last year over Spring Break. It was much needed family time because the Spring is an extremely busy time for all of us. I just remember getting to drive through all the different states and stopping every time we got to the next one to take a picture by the “WELCOME to …. signs!” We dance and sang to keep my mom awake.  I absolutely adore road trips in general because they’re so carefree and we are always headed to the beach so that’s always the cherry on top of the cake!
  7. Favorite family recipe: Grandpa’s blueberry cookies
  8. If I was stranded on a deserted island with only one other person, I would choose my cousin Addison
  9. Favorite holiday tradition: We get to open one present on December 23rd.
  10. What would be your favorite song to sing on karaoke night? Someone Like You by Adele

Macy – you “slayed” your senior portrait session!  And to think you were sick, LOL!  It has been so fun having you on our Shelby Senior Model team. I love each and every moment that I spend with you!  Senior year 1/2 way done, BOOM!  The best is yet to come!

Hair and makeup by Tierney Cheney-Smithers Professional Hai


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2016-11-27_0021 2016-11-27_0022 2016-11-27_0023 2016-11-27_0024 2016-11-27_0025 2016-11-27_0026 2016-11-27_0027 2016-11-27_0028 2016-11-27_0029 2016-11-27_0030 2016-11-27_0031 2016-11-27_0032 2016-11-27_0033 2016-11-27_0034 2016-11-27_0035 2016-11-27_0036 2016-11-27_0037 2016-11-27_0038 2016-11-27_0039 2016-11-27_0040 2016-11-27_0041 2016-11-27_0042 2016-11-27_0043 2016-11-27_0044 2016-11-27_0045 2016-11-27_0046

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