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    Products Introduction

    Consun has rich products lines, covering chronic kidney disease treatment, imaging diagnosis, healing pain and etc. It has 146 medicines including 63 TCM and 83 western medicine varieties. Among above varieties, there are 37 medicines have been included in National Essential Medicines Catalogue and 89 in National Health Insurance Dictionary. 15 medicines are National Protected TCM such as Uremic Clearance Granule,Shiduqing Capsule,Bone-setting Liquid,Yunxiang Qufeng Analgesic Tincture, Jigucao Capsule and so on, among which Bone-setting Liquid has been listed in the Encyclopedia of Chinese Geographical Indication Products. 

    1+6 Product Pattern

    • 01

      Nephrology Series Products

      Uremic Clearance Granule;Yishen Huashi Particle; Lanthanum Carbonate; New Drugs for Diabetic Kidney Disease


    • 02

      Imaging Series Products

      Iopamidol Injection;Gadopentetate Dimeglumine Injection; Ultrasonic Microbubble Contrast Agent Huangshengxian

    • 03

      Women & Children Series Products

      Zhixueling Capsule; Iron-dextrin Oral Solution; Erythromycin Estolate Suspension; Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution

    • 04

      Orthopedics Series Products

      Bone-setting Liquid; Yunxiang Analgesic Tincture; Bone-setting Hydrogel cataplasm

    • 05

      Dermatology Series Products

      Shiduqing Products; Paeonol Ointment

    • 06

      Hepatobiliary Series Products

      Jigucao Products;Wujun Zhidan Tablets

    • 07

      Gastroenterology Series Products

      Shidishui Tincture; Caoxiang Weikang Capsules;Palliative and Anti-diarrheal Soft Capsule

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